Creating Connections to Conserve our Animal Friends.

Must pre-register by Thursday of previous week prior to camp date.
Unregistered drop-ins are not allowed - must be registered to attend.

Summer Camps

AGES: Divided into two age groups - ages 4-7 & 8-12

Note: Children must be 4 years of age on the date of the camp.
Three-year-olds may not enroll.

WHEN: Summer Camps are Monday - Thursday, from June 3 - July 11 (no camp on July 4th)

You may enroll your child(ren) for a single day, or for all four days (Monday-Thursday).

TIMES: Both age groups' Summer Camps are from 8:30 a.m. - Noon.

MEMBERS: $25/Single Day or $65/Monday-Thursday (4 Day "Week")

NON-MEMBERS: $30/Single Day or $85/Monday-Thursday (4 Day "Week")

Note: Week 5 only has 3 days for its "Week." Since there is no camp on July 4th, the pricing is as follows for the "Week": Members $50 • Non Members $70

Camp dates and times that do not show on the online form are SOLD OUT.

If you have any questions about Summer Camp dates and times, email or call 785-827-9488, ext 132.

Camp Weeks & Themes
Creating Connections to Conserve Our...
WEEK 1 • June 3-6 • Ferocious Friends

Don't get too close! Discover the carnivorous world of snow leopards, lions, tigers, painted dogs, wolves and other fearsome creatures.

WEEK 2 • June 10-13 • Flighted Friends

Fly, fly away! In this camp we will learn all about our feathered friends, and even some that take flight, feathers or not!

WEEK 3 • June 17-20 • Fragile Friends

Creepy crawlies get a bad rep. Whether insect or arachnid, these creatures are some of the most fascinating on earth! The Art and Science of Arachnids traveling exhibit will be highlighted. 

WEEK 4 • June 24-27 • Four-legged Friends

These animals may be gentle by nature, but that doesn't make them push-overs! Giraffes, rhinos, giant anteaters, aardvarks and others amaze us with their natural adaptations and defenses. 

WEEK 5 • July 1-3 • Furtive Friends
(Reduced price for this "Week")

The secret hidden lives of reptiles and amphibians await! What is unknown and often misunderstood will be revealed as we journey inside their mysterious world! (No camp on July 4)

WEEK 6 • July 8-11 • Forest Friends

What's in the trees? Chimpanzees, orangutans, leaping lemurs and more are wild and ready to captivate as we focus on primates!

Junior Zoo Keepers

AGES: 13-17

WHEN: June 7, 14, 21, 28 and July 5

TIMES: 8:30 a.m. - Noon

DESCRIPTION: Teens will learn about the important aspects of being a zoo keeper! Preparing animal diets, feeding, cleaning, grooming & enrichment are just a few of the activities they'll take part in. Must be registered by June 1st.


If you have any questions about Summer Camp dates and times, email or call 785-827-9488, ext 132.

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