Must pre-register by Tuesday of previous week prior to camp date.

Unregistered drop-ins are not allowed - must be registered to attend.

Discover Your Wild Side During Summer Camp At Rolling Hills Zoo

Kids, you’ll have a WILD time during Rolling Hills Zoo’s Wild Adventure Summer Camps this year! These 4-day camps include animal showings with some of our favorite animal friends, weekly themed stories, games and crafts, along with tours of the Zoo and Wildlife Museum, and other fun surprises! Plus, snacks are provided daily!

Each week’s theme features a different set of talents by our amazing animal friends.

AGES: Divided into two age groups - ages 4-7 & 8-12

Note: Children must be 4 years of age on the date of the camp.
Three-year-olds may not enroll.

WHEN: Summer Camps are Tuesday - Friday, from June 6 - July 14, 2023.
You may enroll you
r child(ren) for a single day, or for all four days (Tuesday - Friday).

Ages 4-7 from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. & Ages 8-12 from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.


MEMBERS: $40/Single Day or $140/Tuesday - Friday (4-Day "Week")

NON-MEMBERS: $50/Single Day or $175/Tuesday - Friday (4-Day "Week")

(Week 5 has no camp on July 4 & 5. Week 5 is $70 for Members and $88 for Non-Members)

Camp dates and times that do not show up on the online form are SOLD OUT.

Must be registered for Summer Camps by the TUESDAY PRIOR to the camp week you're registered for.

If you have any questions about Summer Camp dates and times,
or call 785-827-9488, ext 132.

A Special THANK YOU to the following Summer Camp Supporters


WEEK 1 • June 6 - 9 • WATER you talking about?

During this exciting and wildly wet interactive summer camp you will discover amazing species that enjoy life below the surface of some the earth’s most remarkable aquatic ecosystems.

WEEK 2 • June 13 - 16 • The Plants and the Frogs!

Can enduring love be found between flora and fauna? Join us as we uncover the relationships between the flora and fauna inhabiting Kansas and those populating other parts of the world.

WEEK 3 • June 20 - 23 • BUG Hug! A BUG is just a BUG?

Now that couldn’t be further from the truth! Join us on a creepy crawly adventure as we learn the important jobs held by many of our favorite insect species and why they are so important to their unique ecosystems.

WEEK 4 • June 27 - June 30 • FELINE Fine!

Explore the incredible world of our keystone species - the big cats - as we uncover their important role within their ecosystems, their family structure and lifestyle.

WEEK 5 • July 6 & 7 (No camp on July 4 or 5) • Who Let the DOGS Out?

We don’t know who let them out, but these dogs won’t wander into your backyard anytime soon. Join us as we investigate the world of some of the wildest dogs on earth. 

WEEK 6 • July 11 - 14 • HOOFS-TALK About It!

It’s time to dispel the rumors and unearth the facts concerning some of our favorite animals. During this camp you'll explore the habitats and threats of some of the world’s most amazing species while learning how to save them from certain extinction.

Junior Zoo Keeper Camp
Ages 12-18

MEMBERS: $110/Person • NON-MEMBERS: $140/Person

Dates: Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2  •  Time: 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Daily

Camp Includes: T-Shirt, lunch, and a variety of interactive lessons provided by our Zoo Keepers & other Zoo staff.

Do you have what it takes to work in a zoo?
During Junior Zoo Keeper Camp teens will dive into the middle of the zoo world by learning about the different aspects of being a zoo keeper. This includes building animal enrichment, improving animal enclosures, learning about different zoo careers and participating in team-building exercises. As a Rolling Hills Zoo Junior Zoo Keeper, teens will gain the knowledge and understanding of what it truly takes to care for such special and important endangered species.

Junior Zoo Keepers, while none of this is required, it is highly recommended:

Wear clothing that is okay to get dirty, tennis shoes or work boots, work gloves and a hat.

Bring an extra pair of clothes, just in case.

Water bottle required.

Sunscreen is recommended. 

Be advised of possible changes in the weather. It could be rainy one day, but activities will not be changed unless weather is inclement.

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