Must pre-register by Thursday of previous week prior to camp date.

Unregistered drop-ins are not allowed - must be registered to attend.

Discover Your Wild Side During Summer Camp At Rolling Hills Zoo

Kids, you’ll have a WILD time during Rolling Hills Zoo’s Wild Adventure Summer Camps this year! These 4-day camps include animal showings with some of our favorite animal friends, weekly themed stories, games and crafts, along with tours of the Zoo and Wildlife Museum, a Zoo tram ride on Wednesdays, and other fun surprises! Plus, snacks are provided daily!

Each week’s theme features a different set of talents by our amazing animal friends.

AGES: Divided into two age groups - ages 4-7 & 8-12

Note: Children must be 4 years of age on the date of the camp.
Three-year-olds may not enroll.

WHEN: Summer Camps are Monday - Thursday, from June 6 - July 14, 2022.
You may enroll your child(ren) for a single day, or for all four days (Monday - Thursday).

Both age groups' Summer Camps are from 9:00 a.m. - Noon.


MEMBERS: $30/Single Day or $70/Monday - Thursday (4-Day "Week")

NON-MEMBERS: $35/Single Day or $90/Monday - Thursday (4-Day "Week")

(Week 5 has no camp on Monday, July 4, 2022. Each day/week is discounted by $5 for both Members & Non Members.)

Camp dates and times that do not show up on the online form are SOLD OUT.

If you have any questions about Summer Camp dates and times,
or call 785-827-9488, ext 132.


A Special THANK YOU to the following Summer Camp Supporters

AGES 4-7

WEEK 1 • June 6 - 9 • An Army of Many or an Army of One

Have you ever wondered how animals in larger groups get along with each other? What about animals who prefer to live alone most of their lives? Explore the animal kingdom with us as we learn about nature’s great armies as well as its armies of one.

WEEK 2 • June 13 - 16 • Africa Rocks!

Discover the animals that live on the African savanna, rainforest, and desert to see what it takes for them to survive! Why do lions live in prides? Do ostriches really bury their head in the sand? How do addax and oryx survive in the desert? Join us as we learn about what it takes to live in the many different biomes of Africa!

WEEK 3 • June 20 - 23 • Stayin' Alive

Animals in the food chain do everything they can to stay alive. Over time, many have developed amazing adaptations that keep them from becoming the next item on the menu. Some have clever camouflage, others have built-in armor, and even others have sacrificed body parts to survive! Find out how different animals avoid being “what’s for dinner.”

WEEK 4 • June 27 - June 30 • Zoo Detectives

Each day during Zoo Detectives Camp, you will follow the clues to unravel incredible animal mysteries. In the process you will discover . . . Whose scat is that? Who eats that? Who plays with that? These are just some of the many mysteries we will be unraveling during camp this week!

WEEK 5 • July 5 - 7 (No camp on July 4) • Dive into the Ocean

Why are oceans important to us in Kansas? While we don’t love near an ocean, the ocean helps us in many ways . . . from our weather, to fresh air, as well as serving as a great food source. We will also discover the salty world at the bottom of the ocean and learn which animals live on the shore. 

WEEK 6 • July 11 - 14 • Planet Protectors

Our planet has many plants, animals and ecosystems that need our help! During this final week of camp we will get up close and personal with some of our endangered species, and explore how they live and what challenges they face. We will also learn how we can help protect our Earth and its creatures.

AGES 8-12

WEEK 1 • June 6 - 9 • Homes & Habitats

This Biome is my home! Join us as we visit the world’s five major biomes, see who lives there, and learn how they survive in the wild. From the Grasslands to the Forests and the Deserts to the Oceans, animals encounter harsh conditions and dangerous situations no matter where they live. How do they do it? This question and many more will be answered during this exciting Explorer’s Camp.

WEEK 2 • June 13 - 16 • Animal Groups & Troops

ATTENTION! Have you ever wondered how animals find the crew they want to hang with? Then Troop Zoo is calling you! During Troop Zoo you will discover how and why animals form unique partnerships in the wild and what makes them work! And before you’re done, you’ll find out if you have what it takes to be a member of an animal troop too.

WEEK 3 • June 20 - 23 • The Art of Nature, Animals & Habitats

Paper? Check! Colored pencils, markers and paint? Check! Let’s get artsy with nature and animal enrichment! This camp is for kids who love art and creating! Join us this for a wildly creative time as we connect nature and art into an experience your artistic child will love.

WEEK 4 • June 27 - June 30 • Tell an Animal Tale

Is your child a “bookworm”? Then this camp is for them! Each day campers will read along as we highlight a book featuring one of our zoo animals. After the story, we will visit the featured animal to learn all about them. Each child will receive their own special book and create their own Zoo News. This camp will help your creative camper expand his or her writing skills with ideas and helpful tips! Sign up today as it’s the “write” thing to do.

WEEK 5 • July 5 - 7 (No camp on July 4) • The Wide World of Oceans

Did you know that the ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface? While we don’t live close to the ocean, it is an important part of our lives. The ocean drives weather, regulates temperature and supports all living organisms! During this camp we will “dive” into the world’s largest biome, the Aquatic biome, and take a look at ocean habitats and the animals that live in the ocean! This camp will be an “ocean” of fun! 

WEEK 6 • July 11 - 14 • Conservation Camp

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums have created an international conservation initiative called SAFE (Saving Animals from Extinction). At Rolling Hills Zoo we take this initiative very seriously, and so can you. The last camp of the season will show your camper what is being done to keep our animals SAFE at the zoo and around the world. Sign up to find out how your camper can be a part of this SAFE opportunity.

Junior Zoo Keeper Camp
Ages 12-15

Without Meal: $105/Member  •  $110/Non Member

With Meal*: $135/Member  •  $140/Non Member

Dates: Tuesday, May 31 - Friday, June 3  •  Time: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Running a zoo involves a lot more than meets the eye. Join us for a week as we explore the many jobs involved in taking care of the Zoo’s animals while also creating a great experience for our Zoo visitors. You’ll get a chance to get down and dirty with creative hands-on activities and special experiences under the direction of our Animal Care Staff. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the diversity of zoo careers that can be found at Rolling Hills Zoo.  

The meal options are: To Be Determined!

 *Prepaid meals can be ordered daily.

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