About Kid's Country:

Kid’s Country at Rolling Hills Zoo is filled with domestic animals one might find on a local farm – sheep, goats, and chickens.  But if one looks closer, you will find more than typical domestic breeds.

A number of the animals found in Kid’s Country are heritage breeds, such as Tunis and Jacob’s sheep, Arapawa goats, as well as several chicken species. What is a heritage breed? These are breeds that were raised by our forefathers, prior to industrialized agriculture.  These breeds were carefully selected and bred over time to develop essential attributes for survival such as fertility, longevity, ability to mate naturally, and resistance to diseases and parasites.

‍Play on an old farm tractor, take a picture by the windmill, and spend some time with these amazing animals.

Fun Facts:

  • Goats’ pupils (like many hooved animals) are rectangular. This gives them vision for 320 to 340 degrees (compared to humans with 160-210)
    around them without having to move and they are thought to have excellent night vision.
  • Chickens like to play. During the day, you’ll see pastured chickens running, jumping, sparring, and even sunbathing.

At the Rolling Hills Zoo you can find these animals at Kid's Country:

A Special Thank You to These Exhibit Sponsors:

  • Arapawa Goats – First Bank Kansas
  • Goat Exhibit – Ty Koehn
  • Jacobs Sheep Exhibit – Unifirst Corporation
  • Sheep Exhibit – Ty Koehn