ruffed lemurs

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs

Range and Habitat:  Rainforests of eastern Madagascar

Diet:  Fruits, seeds,leaves and nectar

Life Span:  Up to 19 years in the wild

Status in the Wild: Critically Endangered

Threats to Survival:  
Habitat loss and they are hunted for food

Interesting Facts

  • The ruffed lemurs are the largest of the lemur species.  They have a beautiful black and white coat with a distinctive white ruff around their neck.  Their thick fur helps protect them from the often damp and cool environment of the rainforest.
  • The black and white ruffed lemurs have a number of vocalizations, ranging from a deep bark to a loud wail.  Their calls can be heard up to a half a mile away.
  • This species of lemurs are one of the largest pollinators in the world.  As they eat from the traveler’s palm, the pollen collects to their ruffs and noses is then transported to the next tree.
  • Most lemur species carry their young on their back or belly, but ruffed lemurs place their young in a nest while they forage for food.
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