ZOO to YOu

Zoo to You Programs

Note: All programs can be adapted to adult audiences.

School-Age Appropriate Programs

  1. Endangered Species & Human Impact • 3rd - 12th Grade
    Humans have enormous impact on the environments of both plants and animals. This program focuses on certain animals on the brink of extinction, like the rhino, giraffe, orangutan and how our behaviors affect them.
  2. Amazing Animal Adaptations • K - 12th Grade
    Animals are diverse in the way they hunt, hide and defend themselves. Focus will be on camouflage and survival mechanisms.
  3. Our Own Backyard • K - 5th Grade
    Become more familiar with the animals native to North America in this program. Highlights will include animals of KS like the bison, cougar, great-horned owl, white-tailed deer, pronghorn and snakes.
  4. Safari Adventures • 1st - 5th Grade
    Learn how survival of the fittest plays out on the African savanna with animals such as lions, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, wildebeest, leopards and antelope.

  5. Welcome to my Biome • 3rd - 12th Grade
    This program tours the globe exploring how certain animals interact with their specific environments, or biomes. Tigers of Asia, reptiles of the desert, wolves of the Arctic and bison on the prairie are just a few examples.

Preschool-Age Appropriate Programs

  1. What's in Your Backyard?
    This program brings students closer to the animals that live among us - from our state reptile, the box turtle, to our old friend the bison. Students will practice animal movement mimicry, meet 3 live animals and explore native KS animal bio-facts.
  2. Fur vs. Scales
    Why do some animals have fur and some have scales? Students will learn the difference between the two, as well as the difference between warm-blooded mammals and cold-blooded reptiles. Activities are designed to be multi-sensory and will include movement, touching bio-facts and meeting 3 live animals.
  3. African Animal Tales and Talk
    Africa is where this story originates! Students will learn about some of the most famous animals to roam the African continent like rhinos, lions and giraffes. Adaptations, communication and movement will be the focus of what makes these animals so unique. Students also get to meet 3 live animal ambassadors and explore African animal bio-facts.